Is It Possible to Win Money Online?

how to win money

Have you ever thought about ways how to earn money besides working from 9 to 5? There are a lot of articles and videos about a passive income on the internet. But to have a passive income, you have to invest money firstly. What are other ways to earn money without working the whole day?

You can make good money even at home.  All you need is the internet, patience and a little luck. Did you think about a casino? Don’t be afraid. You won’t lose your money.

The thing is that there are a lot of sites similar to the lottery on the internet. You only need to pick up a number or click a button and you will get an opportunity to win money.  I am going to tell you about several of them.


One of the really popular services is Moneycroc. The main prize is 50 dollars. It’s absolutely free and without any registration. There two tables on this site with two symbols on each of them. You have to click a button. After that symbols will change. If symbols are equal on two tables, you will get 50 dollars. You can make 50 attempts for free daily.


Another one is Lottoguesser. You have to fill in your date of birth and pick a number from three suggested numbers. Then the system will choose one number. If it is yours, you are a winner. As a bonus, the site offers a lucky horoscope based on your date of birth. On this site, you can also find several links on similar sites where participation is also free.


If you aren’t interested in lotteries, you can fill in surveys or sign for newsletters. There are some sites that pay money for it or give points. One of them is Pointsprizes. For every newsletter or survey you will get a point. After these points will be converted as direct payments to your PayPal account.

So as you can see there are real ways to make money online even if you are unemployed. The internet gives a lot of opportunities for making money without any risk. You only need to find them and use.

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