Freelance Work From Home Jobs – Benefits and Drawbacks

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If you are tired of office work and your cash flow is just from same day loans, try to work from home, freelance jobs offer a range of choice. Check the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing before you start

Many employees are motivated by the idea of being their own boss that they do not look at both sides of the coin. Despite having a lot of free time by being your own boss, freelance work from home puts you in a state where you take on a great deal of risk and responsibility. It is very important that before you dive into freelancing you understand the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

You will need to have the relevant information as this decision will impact your life either positively or negatively. In this article, we will address the top five pros and cons of freelancing.

5 Advantages of Freelance Work

1. Working wherever you want. With freelance work from home jobs, you have the freedom to choose where to work from. You know, lots of bloggers earn money traveling all over the world. You can decide to work from your living room dressed in your sweatpants while listening to your favorite music. You can decide to work from the library, a favorite coffee house, at the park or even move to the anouther country. You have the freedom to choose where to work.

2. You are the boss. This is the best aspect of work from home freelance. You are the boss. With freelance work from home, you do not have to answer to anyone apart from yourself and the client. You have the power to make every decision on all matters as you are the sole decision maker. No one will be hanging over you trying to dictate how you should go about your work. As a freelancer you are free to do as you please and whenever you feel like.

3. You have flexible hours. The major factor in freelance writing work from home is that you are free to work whenever you like. With freelance, there is no dictation on what time you should work, unlike the formal job setting where you have to get to work in time and take short breaks. In the case of freelance writers work from home, for example, you are free to sleep until noon if you wish and work till late. There is no stipulated time as your work hours are flexible. As a freelancer, you are free to work at your most productive time.

4. You keep all the profits. The best thing about freelance graphic design jobs work from home is that you get to keep all the profits. Here you do not work for a flat rate. You get to keep all the returns after completing a task or a project. This enables you to improve your lifestyle while at the same time improve your business.

5. You have control to choose clients and jobs. Being employed in a normal job setting does not give you the freedom to choose a colleague or a client. You can be stuck with a very rude client or a very unprofessional workmate. However, work from home freelance jobs gives you the opportunity to choose jobs and clients. If you do not like the terms and conditions of a client you can just pass on and wish them well, that is all. With freelance recruiter work from home, for instance, you have control over jobs and clients

5 Disadvantages of Freelancing

1. Differentiating between personal and work time. With freelance web developer work from home, you are your own boss. Being your own boss is difficult as you are supposed to distinguish between your personal time and work time. In most cases, you will get to work more hours and forget about your personal and family time.

2. Lack of a steady or reliable workload. Unlike the traditional job setting where your income and workload is consistent, freelance accounting work from home is different. There are times when you will have a lot of workloads which in turn means that you will have a lot of income and there are times when the workload will be less meaning little income, which sometimes leads to borrowing money.

3. The danger of not getting paid. With freelance jobs, there are times when you will not get paid for jobs already done. In this field, you will have to understand better the client and have a stipulated schedule of payment where your clients pay depending on the level of the project completed. In the freelance world, you should be ready to play the role of a debt collector.

4. Lack of employer benefits. With freelance jobs, you lack employer benefits. Here you have to foot your own medical bills and other benefits that you get from a traditional job. with freelance jobs, you will not have paid sick days when you are sick and cannot work that means no income.

5. A lot of movement. With freelance jobs, you are tasked with the job of finding your own client and projects. In most cases as a freelancer, you will be forced to do your own marketing to get the jobs as compared to the traditional job setting where you get the projects to work on delivering on your desk.

With the above ideas, I am sure that you can now make an informed decision about the freelance world. Before you quit your traditional job make sure you have a plan on how to address the disadvantages of freelancing. Remember that freelance has equal parts the negative and positive.

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